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              Suzhou storming, automation equipment co., LTD. Is that the government of suzhou high-tech enterprises, is a professional enterprise for the factory to provide logistics automation production line system, industrial assembly line equipment, storage shelves equipment, coating equipment and to provi...

              tel: 86+0512 66309733    
              phone : 013914751738
              fax: 86 0512 66309732
              adr:China jiangsu wuzhong district suzhou city hengjing new ideas 1
              Belt production
              Wave soldering
              Chain plate
              Drum line
              Plug-in line
              Times speed
              Home appliance
              Food line
              Auto parts
              Suspension line
              Automation plan
              Automation plane
              Automation plane
              GWSH - 300 automatic high wave soldering machine
              GLC - 350 type automatic cutting foot machine
              GWSD - 300 type automatic double wave soldering machine
              GWSN - 350 - c type automatic computer
              GBI - 350 type straight type plug-in line (chain)
              Wave soldering furnace unit
              Stainless steel food and
              Engine assembly line
              Heavy beam type shelf

              All rights reserved: suzhou storming, automation equipment co., LTD.
              Address: jiangsu wuzhong district suzhou city hengjing new ideas 1
              tel:0512-66309733  phone:13914751738  web:www.thetechhead.com   mailbox :chenyubao118@163.com   You are the guest

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